Supplementary Material

Carson, E. W., B. W. Bumguardner, M. Fisher, E. Saillant, and J. R. Gold. In Press. Spatial and temporal variation in recovery of hatchery-released red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) in stock-enhancement of Texas bays and estuaries. Fisheries Research.
Genotype files, input data, appendices A-F, and results from PCA (via Gold Lab link)

Carson, E. W., A. H. Hanna, G. P. Garrett, and J. R. Gold. In Press. Conservation genetics of cyprinid fishes in the upper Nueces River basin in Central Texas. Southwestern Naturalist.

Phylogenetic hypotheses- Cyprinella and Dionda

Dowling, T. E., T. F. Turner, E. W. Carson, M. J. Saltzgiver, D. Adams, B. Kesner, and P. C. Marsh. Early View. Time-series analysis reveals genetic responses to intensive management of razorback sucker (Xyrauchen texanus). Evolutionary Applications.
Tables S1-S7

Hanna, A. H., K. W. Conway, E. W. Carson, G. P. Garrett, and J. R. Gold. 2013. Conservation genetics of an undescribed species of Dionda (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) in the Rio Grande drainage in western Texas. Southwestern Naturalist 58:35-40.
Alamito Creek Dionda
Phylogenetic tree

Carson, E. W., M. Tobler, W. L. Minckley, R. J. Ainsworth, and T. E. Dowling. 2012. Relationships between spatio-temporal environmental and genetic variation reveal an important influence of exogenous selection in a pupfish hybrid zone. Molecular Ecology 21:1209-1222.
Tables S1-S4, figures S1 and S2, and Appendix S1

Osborne, M. J., E. W. Carson, and T. F. Turner. 2012. Genetic monitoring and complex population dynamics: insights from a 12-year study of the Rio Grande silvery minnow. Evolutionary Applications 5:553-574.
Hatchery and release history and tables S1-S3

Carson, E. W. 2011. Low but stable frequency of xanthic phenotypes in a population of the twoline pupfish Cyprinodon bifasciatus. American Midland Naturalist 166:462-466.
Color version of Figure 1

Carson, E. W., E. Saillant, M. A. Renshaw, N. J. Cummings, J. R. Gold. 2011. Population structure, long-term connectivity, and effective size of mutton snapper (Lutjanus analis) in the Caribbean Sea and Florida Keys. Fishery Bulletin 109:416-428.
Mutton snapper microsatellites

Carson, E. W., A. H. Hanna, G. P. Garrett, J. R. Gibson, and J. R. Gold.  2010. Conservation genetics of cyprinid fishes (genus Dionda) in southwestern North America. II. Expansion of the known range of the manantial roundnose minnow, Dionda argentosa. Southwestern Naturalist 55:576-581.
mtDNA sequences of Dionda

Tobler, M., and E. W. Carson. 2010. Environmental variation, hybridization, and phenotypic diversification in Cuatro Ciénegas pupfishes. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 23:1475-1489.
Figures S1-S4 and tables S1and S2

Carson, E. W., S. Karlsson, E. Saillant, and J. R. Gold. 2009. Genetic studies of hatchery supplemented populations of red drum in four Texas bays. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 29:1502-1510.
Red drum microsatellite genotypes

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